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I have been hearing more and more these past few weeks about very modest growth ambitions for this year and numerous examples of zero-based budgets and even 3%, 4% and 5% growth targets. These are very low levels and unheard of the past several years. I think people have even lowered those expectations further since we surveyed them at the end of last year. The bottom line is that it appears that organic growth this year will be challenging for most, but I do also strongly believe that there is opportunity for those who are proactive.

Winston Churchill gave us this quote which is pretty apt right now. "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. In times of economic challenge, it is the optimistic and proactive who pave the way for progress and success." 

For at least the next 12 months Sales Leaders are gearing up to deal with increased competition, reduced budgets, and longer buying cycles. The main sentiment suggests a need for proactivity to sustain revenue and maintain profit margins. At Indicator, we share a view that proactivity is critical whilst  acknowledging the hurdles ahead. We are also very aware of hearing from companies who tell us what we should be doing and then don’t back it up themselves (i.e. think of the builder’s house or the mechanic’s own car)

For this reason, this article is not what you should do but more to answer the question what is Indicator doing right now to grow sales in a slow market?

So here goes:

  • Indicator is increasing its efforts in marketing and communications to ensure we are communicating more clearly the value we add to our customers and to increase the message that companies need to get on the front foot.
  • We are boosting our presence at both physical and virtual events, making sure we take every opportunity to connect. Through active participation, we aim to provide additional value to our existing clients and reach new prospects. The power of community should not be understated in providing energy, commitment, and opportunities.
  • We are focused on building more of a personal connection with our clients, our Sales Leaders are taking a more prominent role in engaging with customers. 
  • Acknowledging the transformative potential of technology and artificial intelligence, Indicator is making significant investments in these areas. Embracing new tools and solutions will not only streamline our operations but also position us as leaders in leveraging technological advancements within our industry.
  • In-person engagements with clients will be a priority as we aim to strengthen relationships. This personal touch is crucial in times of uncertainty, creating a foundation of trust that goes beyond transactional interactions.
  • This one might seem unusual, but we will be more discerning in choosing our clients. Saying no to relationships that may not align with our values or reduce our ability to deliver our best work is a strategic move to maintain efficiency and focus on high-quality collaborations.
  • Understanding that not all customers are created equal, we are actively identifying and prioritizing high-value customer segments. Tailoring our approach to cater to the specific needs of these segments will enhance our overall effectiveness.
  • Reviewing our sales process and advancing customer experience so that no matter whether we work with a new client or not we hope that at the end of our interactions each potential customer will have taken value from the engagement.
  • Personally, I am saying yes to more speaking engagements to highlight how important quality selling is to the sustainability of companies in slower times.

We also believe strongly that the worst thing that companies can do right now is to retreat. As a country we need the collective to be proactive, to invest and to push forward. Those involved in sales have a huge role to play in this.

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