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Maximise the return on your investment in CRM and in your people with INDICATOR's speed to value programme.

We help businesses transform their sales outcomes with sales technology adoption and implementation. Having worked with hundreds of Australasian businesses we have learned how best to leverage CRM and other sales tech for greater productivity and sales growth.

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"62% of respondents surveyed for the Mood of the Sales Leader 2024, highlighted that they were average or poor users of CRM."

We make your sales team more effective

Our focus is to support your sales team and business to harness the power of technology by overseeing adoption, supporting onboarding and ensuring ongoing usability and integration. INDICATOR will help you increase the return you achieve from your sales technology investment.

We automate your sales process in CRM by consulting with you on current sales methods & activity and refining where necessary. We then employ a best practice, low-code implementation approach. 

We focus on user adoption to embed CRM usage as an integral tool in the salespersons' capability.  We do this in role-based, one-on-one training to fully equip salespeople and sales leaders with the knowledge and skills to leverage the CRM for productivity and customer experience gains.

Easy & Powerful


When a CRM is easy to use, companies are 2.1x more likely to achieve high company growth. 


Companies with customisable CRM are 131% more likely to see strong customer satisfaction

 Sell faster and better

INDICATOR is an official HubSpot Partner. We are one of the only specialist sales-centric solution partners in Australasia.

We cover all bases from sales best practice review, HubSpot configuration, lifecycle delivery, and a range of additional services designed to optimise your positive outcomes from Sales Hub. 

We deliver a unified platform to help you grow and close more sales faster, using pipeline management, lead nurturing, reporting and analytics tools. 

Sales Hub elevates your sales process and eliminates friction by bringing all your customer engagement records and data together on one easy-to-use, robust and scalable platform your whole team loves. 

Now you can focus on what really matters: Your customers!


Discovery and design


Sales process setup


Sales enablement


and integration


Adoption and training


Reports and dashboards

What additional sales technology can do for your business

There are a multitude of sales technologies available to automate activity and increase insight into your sales process, customer experience and customer buying behaviours.  

Talk to us about your revenue or sales tech needs.

Our technology partnerships

image-4We've been a HubSpot user since 2016 and a solutions partner since 2019, specialising in helping sales teams and sales leaders. We prioritise time-to-value, usability, and user onboarding to optimise return on investment, adoption, and customer experience.  

Having successfully helped hundreds of users with their HubSpot sales journey, we know how to unlock the full power of HubSpot Sales Hub tools to maximise your sales performance.

aircall 2 Save time on calls, access powerful features and 100+ integrations. Easy and intuitive to setup and use. Improve your customer experience in less time, with more detailed analytics.

Moving to a cloud phone solution has never been easier! 

Never. Forget. Anything! Stop taking notes on your calls & listen to your customer. Record your customer interactions and share the recording with your teammates and your customers so everyone is included and all actions are followed up. 

Crystal Logo White Know your buyer before you sell!
Crystal gives you personality-based guidance for every email, call, and meeting.  

preview me white logoBring your communications to life with personalised videos.
Video, voice notes, calls-to-action and documents in one centralised location.

What our clients are saying

“Testimonial on Indicator HubSpot.....”

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Business Imperatives - what we deliver

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CRM Implementation

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Design & Implementation
In the design and implementation phase of our CRM project, we craft a seamless user experience that empowers your team to effortlessly forge meaningful connections with customers, unlock untapped business potential and pave the way for new levels of growth and success.


Onboarding & Adoption
During the onboarding and adoption phase of our CRM project, we guide your team through a transformative journey, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to make CRM part of their daily routine. This will exponentially drive productivity gains, create exceptional customer satisfaction and propel your business towards unprecedented growth.


User support
Our ongoing user support for CRM goes above and beyond the norm. We ensure your team receives unparalleled assistance, rapid issue resolution, and expert guidance. Our ongoing user support allows your team members to unleash their full potential, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and propel your business towards new heights of profitability and customer loyalty.


Super user training
Elevate selected users to Super User level, unlocking advanced features and additional benefits, empowering them to reach their potential, drive remarkable results, and fuel your business's rapid growth.


Roadmap delivery
With CRM roadmap delivery, we unveil a treasure trove of innovative features and cutting-edge tools. Meticulously crafted to supercharge your team's productivity, deepen customer relationships, and ignite a cascade of business growth, our roadmap delivery will provide you with a competitive edge that sets you apart in the market and propels your success.


User Adoption

Executive support and leadership

Strong support from executives is one of the most critical success factors and models behaviours across the business.


User involvement and engagement 

Involving a cross-section of users throughout the project is vital. Engaging users from the early stages empowers them to participate in the outcome.


Effective change

 New software involves change, and embracing that change is a major factor in CRM adoption.



Who we work with

From startups to large corporate, we work with a great variety of businesses.


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What our clients say

“This was the best implementation project that I have ever been involved with. The process was brilliant."

Dave Simmons, Jucy

“Indicator was a fantastic partner, assisting ForthCo in implementing moving from excel based CRM tracking to HubSpot. The team were very friendly and well versed in HubSpot, it’s been a pleasure working with them throughout the process. The ongoing training has been useful and our team has enjoyed Indicators approach and style. Would recommend Indicator to anyone looking for sales upskilling or an implementation".

Adam Paterson, ForthCo

Ask us how to turn technology into customer value

Here are a couple of insights from INDICATOR:

Nick Allan, Head of AI 

"The best CRM for your business is one that your people will use. That is - Is it intuitive? Does it enable them to do what they need to do? Does it improve productivity? 

"When looking to implement a CRM, there is usually a recognition that this is an important investment, but it is also an investment that can pay off. Our experience shows us that for every $1 spent on a CRM, the return should be $8 - $9. You can achieve this through - reduced administration costs, increased conversion rates, improved lead nurturing and reduced cost of customer acquisition to name a few benefits."

Dougal Macdiarmid, GM of Technology

"Successful CRM adoption is not just about implementing technology; it's about embracing a customer-centric mindset, fostering collaboration, and empowering your team to build lasting relationships that drive business growth."

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your business with CRM.

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