Sales Syndicate

Unlock your potential as a sales leader.

Join INDICATOR Sales Syndicate and step into a close-knit community of sales leaders on a journey to ultimate performance. Alongside fellow sales leaders, often experiencing similar challenges, INDICATOR Sales Syndicate members learn practical tools to overcome obstacles and elevate performance. Accelerate your career and the sales performance of your wider team.                            


"70% of sales leaders have had little or no formal sales leadership training or development."

- Mood of the Sales Leader 2023

INDICATOR Sales Syndicate

Doing sales leadership development differently

Overwhelming anecdotal – and lived – evidence told us that sales leadership professional development in New Zealand ranged from underwhelming to non-existent. 
That’s why we created INDICATOR Sales Syndicate. 

It’s our way of doing sales leadership development differently. 

Since 2015, INDICATOR Sales Syndicate has been fuelling businesses and super-charging careers as New Zealand's largest network of sales leaders.  

Bringing together sales leaders to develop skills, share knowledge and network via monthly membership, INDICATOR Sales Syndicate exists for those focused on advancing their sales leadership skills and performance. The monthly cadence means leaders can evolve skills in a manageable, measured manner alongside their regular day-to-day sales leader role.  


100% of INDICATOR Sales Syndicate members recommend this to their peers

How it works

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Sales Syndicate involves monthly meetings
where non-competitive, similarly-skilled
sales leaders meet and work together to gain
knowledge and get hands-on input to their
issues and challenges.

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Introducing a number of sales subject matter experts to share at meetings, syndicate members learn not only from each other but have access to some of the most eminent global sales practitioners.

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Extensive networking potential and learning opportunities make INDICATOR Sales Syndicate a must for any serious sales leader wanting to raise their results, boost their business and find a catalyst to their career.

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Start by downloading the INDICATOR Sales Syndicate prospectus.

Who is INDICATOR Sales Syndicate for?


SME owners & leaders


GMs of Sales & Sales Managers


Sales Directors


Professionals who lead a team towards a revenue target


Salespeople or business leader with a desire to professionally develop themselves and their team

What INDICATOR Sales Syndicate clients say

"Not sure how many years I’ve been part of the group – 7? But it continues to add value to my career, development and learning. In short I’d be worse off for not being part of Indicator and not getting to know a great bunch people."

Shane O'Grady, National Sales & Marketing Manager, TR Group

“These sessions are always valuable. I feel privileged to take part.”

Tony Phibbs, National Sales Manager, Canon

“Every time I come to Sales Syndicate I feel refreshed and invigorated. The team also benefit from the content that I then share with them”

Daniel Sanele, Head of Account Management, Digital Island

“I joined Sales Syndicate when I was new to sales leadership and can honestly say that I think I would have failed without it. My team and fellow execs have also benefited from my growth and learning with the group.”

Jody Rudman, National Sales Manager, St Michel

“My team is now asking me what is next on Sales Syndicate as they too look forward to gaining these insights. The value is not just for me it is for my whole team.”

Simon Hammond, Head of Sales Excellence, Canon

“There is no doubt that I have benefited from this course, my colleagues and our management team have also noticed a shift. Sales Syndicate has been a game changer for me.”

Shane Nolan, National Sales Manager, RX Plastics

“I have been involved with Sales Syndicate since the beginning and see so much value that I now have 3 of my team who also attend. The learnings have been invaluable, and I also gain from additional input and value from the Indicator team and the wider network. Highly recommended!”

Mark Prenter, CEO, Goodfood Group

“Having access to people with so much skill and experience and can help you focus in on areas to drive growth in your business is priceless.”

Rachel Aldikacti, GM National Group Sales, Bidfood

“The best professional development I have ever had”

Dan Bell, Chief Customer Officer, Squirrel

"What really sold me on Sales Syndicate was the education piece and being around people in similar positions, sales leadership can be a lonely place."

Richard Hawker, Chief Revenue Officer, ICT

"Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate the Indicator team and my fellow Syndicate members.  I don’t want to imagine where I would be if I hadn’t had the learning and guidance, I have gained from the Indicator setting."

Rebecca Skegg, Account Manager Lead, Life Care

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