Who we are.

Sales and sales leadership is vital to the success of every business, yet most companies struggle to achieve anywhere near their full potential. Indicator's number one goal is to partner with our clients to have a positive impact on their sales performance.

Our team.

We are a New Zealand founded company that was created with a genuine desire to help companies and individuals to navigate the complexities of sales and sales leadership. Our team has an incredible amount of real world experience and we focus on providing guidance created with a mix of international best practice and learnings from the New Zealand market. We share in our clients successes and challenges and believe that any successful relationship needs to be a partnership.
Mike Stokes
Indicator CEO

Mike is the CEO and founder of Indicator. Mike loves working with companies to achieve improvement of sales capability and revenue.

Previous roles have also included Sales and Marketing Director at The Icehouse, working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners focused on growing their business. It was during this time that Mike saw considerable need to support the sales management capability of businesses of all sizes.

Prior to joining The Icehouse Mike was the Managing Director of Artmount NZ Limited achieving considerable growth due to implementing a strong sales focus and successfully exiting the company in 2007.
Miles Valentine
Indicator Programmes Co-founder & Facilitator, Technology Sales Training

Miles is a serial technology entrepreneur and sales expert. He has founded and sold several successful IT companies, and has extensive experience in selling and funding in both America and Australasia. He is also a Professional Director and Angel Investor.

In 1994 he founded and was the CEO of Zeacom, a leading provider of software for call centers. Miles took the business global employing over 200 staff including 45 in the sales team, and in 2012 he successfully exited the company.

Miles is the Co-founder of Indicator Programmes and Sales Syndicate which is a peer to peer learning and development programme for sales leaders.

Miles is also the Executive Director at Qotient, which builds and sells a Sales Effectiveness product that enhances marketing/sales teams’ success.
Nick Allan
Sales Process Consulting, Sales Effectiveness & Systems Consultant

Nick has enjoyed a successful career focused on improving sales effectiveness and business profitability working with many organizations based in New Zealand and Internationally (more than 12 countries). Combining this with over 24 years in strategic leadership, business development, and customer management across a wide variety of industries, Nick is a seasoned enterprise leader and general manager. 

He has played an integral role in identifying new lucrative business opportunities, building and optimizing sales team performance, evaluating and introducing new businesses systems to revive revenue streams and turn around under-performing and loss-making entities.
Corinne Tilleyshort
Indicator Consultant

As a Customer Experience Consultant, Corinne has been working with companies to identify key areas of opportunity (people, process and product/technology) to increase the customer satisfaction and advocacy.  

Prior to joining Indicator Corinne was the Customer Experience Manager at ANZ, Retail and Business Banking, driving the service strategy. Over this period the Bank increased their service satisfaction to record highs with the Contact Centre being named #1 in NZ by the independent research company.
David Hoath
Sales Consulting, Coaching & Advisory, Sales Training

David is a strong sales and marketing expert who has lead and managed small to medium and major sized companies in 4 countries. Throughout his career David has developed a strong reputation for identifying, coaching, mentoring and guiding future business leaders and high performers. David has built high performing, award winning sales forces and has helped many individuals that he has worked with to attain senior roles.
Jo Workman
Sales Training, Executive Coaching

As an experienced consultant and coach Jo specialises in driving behavioural change and embedding attitudes of personal accountability and confidence to support the realisation of business objectives.

She has 16 years’ practical experience coaching and advising corporate clients on the skills and mindset required to achieve individual and business goals. Jo works primarily in the areas of leadership and sales.

Jo was a Principal Consultant for global performance consultancy RogenSi in London and Auckland. She helped corporate clients realise sales goals through the design and delivery of sales training and the coaching of sales leaders.
Bindu Walker
Incentive plans and remuneration advice

Bindu has worked as a Remuneration Consultant for the past 10 years. Her roles include in-house positions with Vodafone and Skycity and seven years with DSD consulting (now part of EY). Her early career was spent in analytical roles in the UK working for several key corporates including British Airways and Standard Life.

She brings a breadth of industry experience combined with excellent commercial modelling skills. Bindu has assisted numerous clients with incentive scheme design linking team outcomes with business objectives. One of her strengths is to simplify data to ensure transparency and understanding is clear.
Jane Munro

Jane is the Marketing executive for Indicator and has been with the company since August 2018.

Jane comes from a design and entrepreneurial background owning a number companies in the past. Her role at Indicator is to enhance customer experience and support the growth of Indicator.
Kylie May

Kylie is an experienced administrator. She has assisted all kinds of businesses, from small owner operators to international professional services firms. She works to keep accounts tidy, compliance up to date and provide timely reporting and information. Her strengths are attention to detail and applying a common sense approach to her work.