Sales Training

Partner with the sales training experts and see your business soar. 

INDICATOR Training is designed to support your sales leaders, and sales team, to heighten their skills, confidence, performance, and results. 

Each training programme is tailored to meet the needs of your business for maximum impact.

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What we offer



The unique challenge of leadership is to achieve results through others. INDICATOR sales leadership training builds understanding of how to drive, motivate, coach, manage, challenge, and sculpt behaviours through tactical feedback.



What fuels performance? Often the greatest challenge is not the skillsets of your people, but their attitudes. INDICATOR’S Resilience & Mindset Training show participants how to take control of their emotions, thoughts and processes to achieve high performing states, even in high-pressure situations and challenging times.



The negotiation phase of the sales cycle is where the ultimate value of the deal is decided. It is a stage of the sales process that even the most experienced sales professionals can find intimidating. Whether it’s bargaining, closing process or formal negotiation, INDICATOR’S Negotiation Training demystifies the process and empowers participants to plan, adapt, close and thrive in negotiations. 



According to Gallup polls, public speaking remains most people’s number one fear. In business, it can be costly to have a quality sales message undermined by uninspiring delivery. Salespeople learn the keys to successful speaking and pitch delivery to ensure messages are impactful and memorable. Through planning and practice, we show how to reduce nerves and present with confidence. 

For more accomplished presenters, INDICATOR’S Presentation Excellence programme is perfect for fine-tuning delivery as a keynote speaker. 



The capability of the sales team drives the value of any organisation. Our sales skills training programmes build understanding and ability at every stage of the sales cycle. These sessions equip participants of all levels with the tools they need to target the right customers in the right way, creating impressive, insightful sales experiences and cultivating loyal client relationships.



Delivering excellence in customer experience and revenue results requires all areas of an organisation to be working in harmony. Strong, successful communication needs to extend beyond salesperson/client engagement and should be standard at all levels of the business, across all internal and external relationships. Equip your people to manage critical conversations between staff, influence without authority and manage conflict in a positive, proactive way. Learning to navigate constructive conflict resolution can prove to be gold, benefiting your business in innumerable ways. 

What makes training work?

Michael Fooks

“Sales is a contact sport. Empowering salespeople, and their leaders, with the skills and attitudes to thrive in all aspects of the game is what I love to do.” 

Michael Fooks,  Head of Training


“This is one of the most effective training programmes that I have ever attended. Huge thanks to Michael for his professionalism and training skillset. He is impressive.”

Susanne Rolfe, General Manager Marketing and Sales, Tatua

“Foundation Day was a really enjoyable day, pitched perfectly for those new to sales, or someone experienced but wanting to hone their sales skills. Michael could sell ice to Inuits!”

Lisa Biesheuvel, Business Development Manager, Aluro Healthcare

“I loved the day and felt informed and ready to get out there. I particularly loved the fact Michael was organised, and professional and knew his course and craft. All of the above made me feel very confident for the conference and the year ahead and gave me pride in Keith Andrews having chosen Indicator as our learning Partner.”

Kathy Schluter, General Manager Sales & Customer Experience, Keith Andrews

"Honestly, the program was perfect. It was tailored directly to the job and was able to be adjusted to ensure each of us were involved and could take lots out of it. It was my first experience with sales training and I have definitely taken a lot out of it."

Rob Palmer, Business Development Executive, Kingpin

“This was a fantastic sales training course that provided real world examples and practical tips that can be applied right away.”

Rebecca Imrie, Regional General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Medical Protection Society

“Indicator has been a fantastic training partner for our company for many years now. The Indicator team have a multi level approach which has been phenomenal in the growth and development of our people. We consider Indicator as a key extension to our business.”

Mark Prenter, CEO, Goodfood Group

"I have been to many different trainings and workshops, and this Foundations of Sales Leadership workshop was the best I have experienced"

Franc van Staden, Head of Sales, Yellow NZ

“I see Indicator as an extension of our HR function. They listen, they are interested & curious and then they deliver. Highly recommend!”

Shannon Grace, HR Manager, Panasonic

“It was a pleasure to have you at Allegion. The team thoroughly enjoyed the training. Topics covered were on point and focused on the key areas discussed during our briefing prior to the training.  We now look forward to implementing the learnings.”

Bryce Carter, National Channel Manager, Residential Allegion (NZ) Ltd

This program is a well-oiled machine and I personally think it is pretty much peak learning for anyone going into a sales role. I could not be a bigger fan of this course and its delivery!

Kirk Chapman, Account Manager, Steel & Tube Holdings Ltd


Our immersive, one-day workshops are delivered by our sales experts through a combination of presentation, discussion, exercises and role-play. Highly effective as standalone training or as a prelude to INDICATOR Sales Academy (salespeople) or INDICATOR Sales Syndicate (sales leaders).

Negotiating with Confidence (workshop)

Negotiating with Confidence

Learn to become a better and more confident negotiator.



Foundation Day

Learn the fundamental skills of sales with distinctive B2B selling practices. 

Presenting with Confidence

Presenting with Confidence

 Learn how to captivate your audience and persuade decision-makers to take action.