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Who is it for?

Designed for sales people, sales managers and executives who need to operate in a highly productive state.


With ever increasing targets, sales people need to successfully navigate the highs and lows of the role. High performing sales people recognise the need to be resilient and to operate in an optimal state of productivity. Studies show that an executive operating at maximum productivity or ‘flow’ can be five times more productive (McKinsey Quarterly, 2013).

The goal

  • How to bounce fast with confidence when knocked back
  • How to arrange your lifestyle for improved performance
  • The power of sleep to recover, focus and connect
  • How to train attention and stay focused on your goal
  • How to generate creative options under pressure
  • How to master your emotions and make powerful, trusting connections
  • How to generate and hold the optimal performance state called flow
  • How to bring energy and pace to sales activity

Expected Outcomes

  • Tough and tenacious sales people
  • Increased focus, pace and energy
  • Enhanced engagement and role fulfillment
  • Increased team performance


Held over six weeks, the Sales Productivity Programme is an intensive course to engage sales professionals and their teams in a powerful learning and practice initiative.

The programme is mixture of online and three half day workshops:


  • Resilience diagnostic (online) to assess current state
  • Resilience diagnostic (online) to assess impact
  • Resilience journey online training, practice tips and tracking

Workshop details:

1. Insight: Bounce and Flow

  • The biology of performance and overcoming adversity
  • How to structure peak performance into each day
  • What happens when we encounter adversity
  • Tactics for rapid bounce and rejuvenation

2. Mastery: Wellbeing and Lifestyle

  • Understanding and optimising your wellbeing
  • Maintaining a sustainable and practical fitness plan
  • Securing quality sleep and mastering fatigue
  • Nutrition – principles and practices of peak performers

3. Influence: Connection and the Deal

  • The biology of connection and influence
  • Upgrading your ability to read others: body language and style
  • Adjusting your approach to the customer’s perspective
  • Generating creative options under pressure


Your Facilitator : Dr Sven Hansen

Sven is a medical practitioner who has pioneered resilience. As a recognised leadership trainer and conference presenter in New Zealand, Australia and Asia, his key message is the imperative to integrate physical, emotional, cognitive and moral resilience. Sven is the founder of ‘The Resilience Institute’ and the author of five books on resilience. With a background in special forces and sports medicine, Sven has run corporate resilience programmes since 1988. Sven qualified as a doctor in 1986 and went on to complete an MBA in 1993. He is married with two children. He continues to apply his learning in competitive swimming, surf ski and recreational surfing.

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