Understanding people and performance 

Roadmap to high-performance sales teams

One of the most critical elements of enhancing sales performance is to first understand an individual's or team's skill set and capability. The use of sales leader and salesperson competency assessments will provide critical information to begin a development journey.


Salesperson Competency Assessment

The Salesperson Competency Assessment is a recruitment & coaching tool designed to develop sales professionals by providing valuable insights to improve sales performance. It measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 18 key areas critical to their role performance, with recommendations on how to start shifting the dial for improvements.

Sales Leader Competency Assessment

The Sales Leader Competency Assessment was developed specifically to help key sales leaders within an organisation to better understand the unique combination of innate skills and behaviours they possess. From this, a plan can be developed with the aim to achieve the blend of skills most beneficial to a key contributor role.

Assess and develop your salespeople

The Salesperson Competency Assessment (SCA) is a powerful tool that evaluates the core competencies of salespeople and focuses on the factors critical to successful sales performance. 

SCA measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 18 key areas critical to their role performance and enables managers to focus on crucial factors that affect sales results and improve or optimize the existing skills and competencies of the sales team. 

SCA measures: 

  • The individual's current level of sales competence and skill set
  • Underlying sales mindsets
  • A salesperson's inclination toward sales roles (recruitment tool)
  • Competence match between a salesperson's current ability and the sales process
  • The Excuse Index provides leaders and individuals with an understanding of the propensity of the salesperson to divert their attention to other tasks rather than solely focusing on actions that directly produce sales results. The lower the Excuse Index ® the more likely the person is to ignore non-sales activities.

18 Salesperson Competencies

SCA evaluates 18 sales skills critical to sales success listed below. You can identify areas of strength and weaknesses to understand where the individual may need to focus on need development help. 

Sample overall sales comp score.

Sales Leader Competency Assessment

Sales leader comp assessment

The Sales Leader Competency Assessment Report was developed specifically for key contributors within an organisation through an honest assessment of current sales leadership competencies.

This report is about better understanding the combination of innate skills and behaviours of an individual to allow a pathway to master skills critical for leadership. 


  • Identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement to maximise sales performance
  • Create a more specific, practical and effective development plan
  • Understand yourself and your sales team better to improve the sales performance
  • Analyse and Identify coaching & training needs
  • Focus on observable performance factors that can optimise existing skills of the sales team
  • Cultivate mutual understanding and support within a sales organisation that is crucial to building a strong sales team

Ready to understand your own or your teams skill set and capability?