Prospecting Foundation Day

This full day, immersive workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of prospecting. 
INDICATOR Prospecting Foundation Day equips salespeople with techniques and best practices to keep your pipeline healthy.

Next INDICATOR Prospecting Foundation Day: 
25 July 2024 | 9:00am - 5:00pm | In-person

How Prospecting Foundation Day works?

Using practical, adaptable tools, this workshop is delivered through bite-sized sales nuggets for salespeople to apply in their workplace. Improve focus & motivation to accelerate sales performance and learn techniques to keep your pipeline healthy.  

Designed by experts, through years of sales experience, INDICATOR Prospecting Foundation Day shares and reinforces current and best prospecting techniques and tools practice.

This day is suitable for people new to sales or those with experience, wanting to hone their skills.

33% of salespeople indicated they 'fell into' sales. Many have little, or no formal training.

- INDICATOR Mood of the Sales Leader

What we offer

  • The skills, mindset, and process of developing new business
  • The elements of building trust quickly
  • Breaking down targets and allocating time
  • How to focus your prospecting time on the right prospects
  • Developing a sales rhythm that drives new business
  • First contact call structure
  • Managing first impressions
  • Running the first meeting
  • Building rapport quickly
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Getting the most out of networking events

Your facilitator


Head Facilitator

Michael is a compelling, energetic trainer and coach, captivating audiences with his keen insight and straightforward approach.

After 10 years in sales and leadership roles within the IT industry, Michael switched focus to helping others develop their potential. Since 2004, Michael has worked with some of New Zealand’s largest organisations to empower their people with new skills, attitudes and capabilities.

Michael uses his experience to quickly navigate to the core of clients’ issues and teach new ways of thinking that offer more powerful results. Plenty of real-life examples ensure a lot of laughs along the way.
Michael Fooks


“Foundation Day was a really enjoyable day, pitched perfectly for those new to sales, or someone experienced but wanting to hone their sales skills. Michael could sell ice to Inuits!”

Lisa Biesheuvel, Aluro Healthcare

“It is a coaching session that explains the key sales skills required, whilst providing a safe space to practice them with peers, challenging me to be better. I love the relaxed but passionate manner of Michael Fooks. He may laugh at this – but I have used much of his training with family, friends, and colleagues as well!”

Stephen Brooke, Account Manager, Eagle Lighting

“This is a fantastic sales training course that provides real world examples and practical tips that can be applied right away.”

Rebecca Imrie, Medical Protection Society, Regional General Manager Australia and New Zealand

This program is a well-oiled machine and I personally think it is pretty much peak learning for anyone going into a sales role. I could not be a bigger fan of this course and its delivery!

Kirk Chapman, Account Manager, Steel & Tube Holdings Ltd

I thought it was great, everything was very clear, the handout cards will be very useful, the facilitator was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to..”

Foundation Day Participant

Sales Academy

To continue their sales development, INDICATOR Sales Foundation Day participants can further develop their sales learning with enrolment into INDICATOR Sales Academy at discount rates. 

INDICATOR Sales Academy is a monthly workshop, bringing together similar career-stage salespeople (in-person and online), to continue development of sales skill sets, apply learnings on the job, build confidence and network.

Members are encouraged to share real-life challenges for guidance.