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7th Edition 

Mood of the Sales Leader 2024


Get the thoughts & insights of Australasia's most progressive Sales Leaders (with responsibility for over $15bn in revenue) 

Since 2017 we have been capturing the mood & sentiment of NZ sales community each year, establishing the MOTSL report as the barometer of business sentiment and expectation for the year ahead. Sales Leaders and Salespeople are in a unique position to comment on the mood and sentiment of the marketplace. Their predictions have proven to be remarkably accurate since the inception of the survey. 

“The Mood of the Sales Leader” is the definitive annual report into the New Zealand and Australia sales landscape with more than 500 sales leaders contributing.

The report provides an understanding of how sales leaders are faring, what is driving them personally, and the impact of the wider environment. For the past seven years, the report has served as a barometer of what’s happening on the frontlines of sales teams and the economy.

This year, 503 Sales Leaders have contributed to the survey, responsible for more than 8000 salespeople. 

Indicator would like to thank our partners BNZ, Salesforce, Hunter Campbell, and Insights Exchange for their involvement.

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The definitive annual report into the New Zealand and Australia Sales Leadership Landscape


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