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Mood of the Sales Leader 2019

2nd Edition

Get the thoughts & insights of NZ's most progressive Sales Leaders (with responsibility for over $8.2bn in revenue)

The ‘Mood of the Sales Leader Survey’ comprised 37 questions that were shaped to reveal deep insights about the experiences, mood, sentiment and future thinking of a wide cross section of NZ Sales Leaders. In particular we were keen to understand more about the following 5 key areas:

  • This 15-page report will give you the insights and inspiration to tackle your goals and challenges in 2019.
  • See what challenges the market had to face and overcome in 2018.
  • Find out what Sales Leaders are anticipating in 2019 and what is the greatest challenge they expect to face
  • How many Sales Leaders are investing in training & development?
  • What's the ONE THING New Zealand's Sales Leaders want their teams to do better in 2019?

Download the 2019 report

Your definitive annual report into the New Zealand Sales Leadership Landscape.