Sales Syndicate

Develop skills.
Share knowledge.
Sales Syndicate is a monthly programme designed specifically for sales managers and sales leaders. We bring together groups of sales manager peers to develop skills, share knowledge and network. 100% of our members would recommend Sales Syndicate to their peers!

Our members include representatives from great companies such as BNZ, Canon, Kiwibank, Sealed Air, AvisBudget, Jacobsen, HRV, Bidfood, Digital Island, Tru-Test, FujiFilm, Keith Andrews Trucks, Blue Star Print Group, AsureQuality, Digital Mobile, Tasman Insulation, Humes, Easy Steel, TR Group, BECA, Komatsu, Flexi Lease, Service Foods, Sleepyhead, Vector, Blue Rock and many more.
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I thoroughly enjoy the networking that happens at Sales Syndicate. The presenters are also thought provoking, relevant and informative. I come away armed with ideas that easily translate into my professional sales environment. I would definitely recommend.

— Abbie Takle, Head of Sales, Jucy Group

There is no doubt that I have benefited from this course, my colleagues and our management team have also noticed a shift. Sales Syndicate has been a game changer for me.

— Shane Nolan, Sales Manager, Tru-Test

Guy is so loving the Sales Syndicate sessions – he comes back buzzing after each one and is definitely still going from strength to strength which is evident not just to me but to other members of our Management Team. We're actually all really benefiting from the ideas he brings back into the business too.

— Katie Noble, Managing Director, Allied Medical

My team is now asking me what is next on Sales Syndicate as they too look forward to gaining these insights. The value is not just for me it is for my whole team.

— Simon Hammond, Head of Business Sales, Digital Mobile

The best professional development I have ever had. 

— Dan Bell, Sales and Service Delivery Director, HIFX

I really do feel more empowered by Sales Syndicate. You have truly changed my outlook in the way that I approach situations and my thought patterns and I have definitely changed for the better.

— Bobbie Scheurich, Auckland Sales Manager, Service Foods

The time with Sales Syndicate has been extremely valuable,  this has supported us to increase our annual revenue by over 50% in the last two years

— Jeremy Foster, National Director of Sales, HRV

Membership benefits.

  • Ongoing growth in sales management knowledge
  • Improved team performance and management strategies
  • Personal development
  • Structure that provides accountability
  • Benchmark against your peers
  • Join a strong network of sales and business leaders


  • Commission plans
  • Motivating teams
  • Sales models
  • Recruitment
  • Sales management strategies
  • CRM design and use
  • Sales techniques
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Lead generation
  • Managing sales leads
  • One to one coaching
  • Building high performance teams
  • Sales strategy and planning

The concept.

Sales Syndicate involves monthly meetings where non-competitive, like-skilled sales leaders meet and work together to gain knowledge and get hands-on input to their issues and challenges. Content is delivered by the facilitator or an expert in their field. You will be exposed to top New Zealand business practitioners. Extensive networking opportunities will be created within your group and within the wider Sales Syndicate group.

How it works.

Participate in a group with similar sales skills
We facilitate monthly half day meetings where non-competitive, like-skilled Sales leaders will meet and work together to gain knowledge and hands on input to their issues and challenges.
One on ones
Designed to help the participant to execute on the learnings they have received from Sales Syndicate and to work towards solving any current challenges.
All groups event
The aim of this is to bring all Sales Syndicate groups together to allow for cross group networking opportunities. This event is held twice a year and will include guest speakers and content valuable to all sales leaders.

Who should attend.

Sales Syndicate is for sales leaders inside an organisation who lead a team and want to develop and grow. Groups will be tiered on experience and size of team and the following are suitable to apply.

  • Sales managers with 3 or more staff and a sales budget
  • Experienced sales directors and general managers of sales
  • Owners or leaders of small to medium businesses responsible for sales team and budget

The investment.

  • $575 plus GST per month
  • No fixed term contract
  • Please note : Attendance at all workshops is expected