Revenue generator.

Indicator and Intent Group have combined their process improvement and sales expertise to help New Zealand businesses to successfully transform their sales teams.

What is RevGen.

For those clients requiring a deeper level of diagnosis on complex sales challenges and opportunities, Indicator has partnered with INTENT Group to deliver a powerful tool which aids in reviewing your current state across multiple facets of sales. We then work with you to design and implement practical solutions, which will lift performance for the long term.

RevGen provides additional value for those clients who require a more comprehensive audit and we will recommend RevGen be added to your service if we feel your company and challenge requires it.
One-day assessment

This  will help us to determine the maturity of your sales team. Once we know where you are operating currently, we can work together to better help you to plan the activities needed to move your team forward, to achieve your sales vision and World Class performance. It covers:
  • Strategy
  • Tracking and execution
  • Leadership, culture and performance management
  • Systems and processes
  • Data and technology
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Sales development and training
  • Sales recruitment and inductions

Learn more about the power of RevGen.

The journey towards World Class sales performance begins with an initial conversation, which is followed by an assessment, detailed diagnostic then implementation phase:


Work through a qualification checklist at initial meeting.


Evaluate current position using the RevGen assessment tool.


Deeper analysis to build a base business case, define your action plan and priority areas. Recommendations regarding consultancy support will be made, if required.


Plan and implementation phase which can be driven by you, or supported by us.

How clients have benefited.

Significant improvements have resulted from businesses improving their sales management processes.
Benefits such as:

15% higher growth rate

For companies with effective pipeline management versus those without.

28% higher revenue growth

Where three specific sales pipeline practices were followed.

9% faster growth

When sales managers are trained how to manage their pipelines effectively including ideal targets, when to take actions and how to enable appropriate decision making.

18% difference in revenue growth

Between companies with a defined sales process and companies without.

All percentage benefits as reported in HBR: TOPO Sales Benchmark 2015/Vantage Point Performance and Sales Management Association Survey 2014.

Some of our results.

Working with RevGen has enabled us to think more about our sales approach and be more proactive and deliberate in our activity. We are already seeing the value in the investment and very good engagement from our sales leaders in driving changes as to how we lead the team and go to market.
—  Mark Moffitt, Manager, PlaceMakers Mt Wgtn
As a sales manager I get pulled in a number of directions however since working with RevGen it has enabled me to be more structured and focused and I can see a significant impact on both me and my team's performance
—  Andrew McNab, Trade Sales Manager, PlaceMakers